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Cordoba C1 Protégé guitare classique avec housse

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le samedi 13 juillet 2024

Mise à jour le 13-07-2024 16:20

Cordoba C1 Protégé guitare classique avec housse

Built specifically for beginner guitarists, the Cordoba C1 Protégé classical guitar has been furnished with a spruce soundboard and a mahogany body and neck to complete timeless, full and balanced sound with warm basses and a defined mid-range. The neck has been topped with a 52mm-wide nut, giving learning fingers more than enough to space to navigate their first chords and scales, and a truss rod has also been shot through the neck so the action can be adjusted to raise playing comfort and, in case of warping, your guitar can be corrected, giving it a longer lifespan. This model comes...

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