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Cordoba Mini II MH guitare classique 3/4

le mercredi 15 mars 2023

Cordoba Mini II MH guitare classique 3/4

An ideal travel-buddy, the Cordoba Mini II MH 3/4-size classical guitar has a longer-than-average 580mm scale length for increased tuning stability. The body and neck of this elegant instrument are made of mahogany, while the fretboard and bridge have been carefully carved from pau ferro. Using a 4mm hex key, the neck can be adjusted as needed via the dual-action truss rod.
Big Sound for a Small Guitar
Not just the neck is a little longer compared to a standard 3/4-size guitar, the body is also a tad deeper which has an enhancing effect on the foundation sound and volume. Lower...

Prix : 143.00 €

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