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D&apos ;Addario 25SSC01 sangle guitare suède marron avec conchos

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le mardi 16 avril 2024

D'Addario 25SSC01 sangle guitare suède marron avec conchos

Dripping with deluxe style, the D'Addario 25SSC01 guitar strap has been made from two layers of soft and supple, high-quality suede. The comfortably tapered design prevents twisting and is a wide 7cm at the shoulder, ensuring even weight distribution and maximum security for you and your axe. Adorned with star-stamped metal conchos with a spaghetti-western flavour, and with an extra-long adjustable length of 104cm to 152cm, this luxury strap is fully prepped for the stage.

Prix : 48.00 €

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