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D&apos ;Addario 50PLA12 Planet Lock sangle guitare Voodoo

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le samedi 15 juin 2024

Mise à jour le 15-06-2024 11:38

D'Addario 50PLA12 Planet Lock sangle guitare Voodoo

Fitted with D'Addario's own Planet Lock system, this smart guitar strap offers the same level of security as a set of strap locks and the comfort of a classic, 5cm-wide woven nylon strap with an adjustable length of 89cm to 151cm. Arguably better than a set of strap locks, the Planet Lock strap-ends are simply clipped on via the spring loaded trigger, applying a firm grip around the strap buttons, and are just as easily unclipped, supporting quick instrument swaps. This edition comes finished with a bespoke black and red Voodoo print.

Prix : 41.00 €

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