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DiMarzio DP 100CR Super Distortion micro guitare

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le vendredi 7 juin 2024

Mise à jour le 07-06-2024 12:50

DiMarzio DP 100CR Super Distortion micro guitare

The DiMarzio DP100CR Super Distortion humbucker is all about brawny sound and high output. In fact, it's so good its design hasn't been tweaked since this time-tested guitar pickup was introduced in 1972. Want to pull bang-on distortion out of your tube amp ? Don't look any further.
From Jazz-Rock to Metal
The DiMarzio Super Distortion strikes a stunning balance between raw power and tone. Both chords and single notes will leap out your amplifier, filling the room with a tornado of sound. This humbucker has also been a staple of various styles for decades, ranging from...

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