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DiMarzio DP102BK X2N micro guitare

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le mercredi 10 juillet 2024

Mise à jour le 10-07-2024 07:52

DiMarzio DP102BK X2N micro guitare

Able to deliver the biggest output that DiMarzio has to offer, the DiMarzio DP102BK X2N humbucker is the perfect match for electric guitars that are always jacked into an overdriven valve amplifier. The sound of this pup may be big, but the quality of sound retains all the necessary clarity and sparkling trebles, no matter how hard you push it, and all of this is masterfully framed by just the right dose of overtones, sustain and distortion to result in the warm and sweet sound demanded blues guitarists, as well as the explosive sound demanded by raw metal guitarists.
Adaptable Character

Prix : 93.00 €

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