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JET Guitars JS-800 Black Relic guitare électrique

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le jeudi 30 mai 2024

Mise à jour le 30-05-2024 21:40

JET Guitars JS-800 Black Relic guitare électrique

This model might have the satisfying, gig-worn and played-in look of an '80s original, but as well as the throwback sound of an HS loadout, the ST-style Jet Guitars JS-800 brings smooth and modern playability. Both pickups have been made in South Korea, so the Alnico humbucker planted at the bridge delivers full and thick dual-coil sound, striking a sweet contrast with the bright, sparkling tone of the single-coil planted at the neck. This stripped back layout has been coupled with the fuss-free control section of a single volume pot and a three-way switch, so you can flip between the...

Prix : 350.00 €

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