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Laserworld EL-300RGB

le lundi 6 septembre 2021

Mise à jour le 06-09-2021 05:33

Laserworld EL-300RGB

Laserworld EL-300RGB is an RGB white light effect laser with adjustable color change, rotation and strobe. Despite the clearly visible laser beams due to the evenly distributed power thanks to special optics, the Laserworld EL-300RGB is classified according to laser class 2. This means that this show laser is much safer to use than comparable laser systems in a higher laser class (3R, 3B, 4). The many fine and bright colored laser beams shine like a starry sky when they are projected onto a wall or other surface and are an eye-catcher at every party. The colors, as well as their brightness,...

Prix : 199,00 €

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