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Mooer GE1000Li pédale multi-effets

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le samedi 6 juillet 2024

Mise à jour le 06-07-2024 14:09

Mooer GE1000Li pédale multi-effets

Neatly folded away inside a solid aluminium box, the Mooer GE1000Li multi-effect unit takes everything that came before it and pushes things to the extreme. The next step in the GE Series multi-effect line-up, this edition bears the same tight look but has a more streamlined Walking Star design. In terms of sound quality, this model is also a giant leap forward, partly thanks to the expanded range of guitar effects, preamps and amplifiers on offer, but while this pedal does way more than previous iterations, it doesn't fix what isn't broke, so you're also getting treated to...

Prix : 549.00 €

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