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Timber Tones Planet Tones lot de 4 médiators

le samedi 18 mars 2023

Timber Tones Planet Tones lot de 4 médiators

This Planet Tones set contains four exclusive Timber Tones guitar picks made of African ebony. With a Janka hardness of 3320, African ebony is one of the hardest woodtypes available. This means a clear, clean sound and tight attack, extremely suitable for electric guitar. The shape is based on the classic (Fender) '315' pick, which is 2.5 mm thick where you hold it and only 0.7 mm at the tip. Two of the picks have mother-of-pearl inlays (black and gold) while the other two have abalone inlays (green and cream). These picks are made and polished by hand.
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Prix : 20.70 €

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