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Valeton GP-100VT pédale multi-effets

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le vendredi 19 juillet 2024

Mise à jour le 19-07-2024 03:38

Valeton GP-100VT pédale multi-effets

Over 140 effects, 45 amplifiers and 40 IRs : that's what the Valeton GP-100 multi-FX processor gets you in return for a surprisingly small investment. This affordable yet extensive bit of kit is perfect for beginners who've yet to figure out their signature sound, and not only lets you combine the built-in amps with the pre-loaded IRs but offers 3rd party IR support so you can load your favourite cab IRs. In addition, there are 99 factory presets and another 99 user presets at your disposal, and you're given the freedom to customise the effects chain any way you want. Valeton...

Prix : 131.00 €

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