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Zoom G2 Four processeur multi-effets

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le mercredi 5 juin 2024

Mise à jour le 05-06-2024 09:07

Zoom G2 Four processeur multi-effets

With the G2 Four, Zoom present a sharply priced multi-effects unit that gives you access to a wide range of realistic guitar sounds and effects like chorus, vibrato, phaser, flanger and rotary. We're talking about 79 iconic guitar effects of which as many as seven can be used at the same time, where it's even possible to determine the order of the signal chain for extra variation. In addition, you get 22 amp and speaker cab simulations based on multi-layer IR technology, giving you more than enough options to travel back to the 1905s or dial in custom 21st-century sound.
The Zoom...

Prix : 186.00 €

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